About us

In late 2013, a friend of Tyrone's got in touch to see if he could help to fabricate and fit a custom stainless steel snorkel.  Loving a challenge, Tyrone did and our lives changed.  Immediately, Tyrone began receiving requests asking if he could help do the same for others.

​Very quickly, Tyrone's weekends were filled with fabricating custom snorkels and in early 2014, a few events fell into place and 'Moonlight' was born.

​Kelly was tasked with raising two crazy young boys, while Tyrone ran the business from the backyard.  When the business overtook our home, we went on to relocate to larger premises.  These days, Landsdale WA is where we can be found today.

As we became busier, we started to work as a team.  ​Kelly began to run the front of the business.  Tyrone's first class light fabrication skills, coupled with his lifetime of mechanical knowledge, took charge of the Workshop.

In June 2017, we sponsored both the Rocks and Ruts Rumble in the Valley and the Halogen Racing Team.  Tyrone had the fun of being the navigator for the Burger Ring Racing Team. 

In September 2017, we have the pleasure of sponsoring the Driven to Drive Challenge in Kirup WA. 

​We are ongoing sponsors of the Halogen Racing Team and were fortunate enough to be involved in the full build from the ground up with 'Kermit'.

We have the pleasure of sponsoring the Variety Bash Car 642 - Men In Black.  A Ford Fairlane with Twin 4" Stainless Steel Snorkels and a Panel Air Box.  Having young children ourselves and being able to fund raise for such a great cause that helps so many, how could we not!

​We truly love what we do and enjoy being part of the 4WD community.