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The 4WDetail Specialist

Chassis Shield™ | Anti-Corrosion Super Charging Agent

Chassis Shield™ | Anti-Corrosion Super Charging Agent

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The 4WDetail Specialists have done it! It’s NOT Lanolin & no, it’s definitely NOT fish oil! They've created Chassis Shield™ to give you the same excellent corrosion inhibiting abilities, but without the negatives associated with these other generic old school products!

Chassis Shield™ is designed for use on the beach & through mud. Unlike others, we haven’t over looked the fact that when you’re on the beach A LOT of Sand makes contact with your underbody!

Giving you the best of both worlds! Ultimate corrosion protection for your underbody that will last a 2 week trip, even through the harshest of conditions! A perfect preventative measure for those beach camps, so you’re not stressing over the fact you have salty corrosive sand eating into your underbody while you’re trying to relax!

Then on the flip side, sand & mud can be effortlessly rinsed off when you get back! That’s unheard of… That’s why we’re so proud & excited to have engineered Chassis Shield™ with these game changing properties!

  • Extreme hydrophobic properties
  • Extreme Sand-phobic properties
  • 2 weeks of protection from sand blasting & salt on the beach!
  • Can last up to 6 months on sealed roads
  • Clear physical protective film against corrosive ionic salts & acidic mud
  • Safe on untreated underbodies & treated aftermarket lined underbodies (“rustproofing”)
  • Made, bottled, engineered & tested in QLD, Australia
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