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Grime Grinder™ | PRO Grade Interior Cleaner

Grime Grinder™ | PRO Grade Interior Cleaner

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4WDetail have bench tested Grime Grinder™ PRO Grade Interior Cleaner against all other interior cleaning products on the market... From the old school car care brands, to the boat care turned “4WD care” brands as well…

With the car care brands on market (some brands in themselves) creating hundreds of different interior products for slightly differing tasks, isn't just confusing, but massively increases the amount of money you have to spend in order to simply clean your interior!

That's where the ALL-IN-ONE Grime Grinder™ steps in! After thousands of hours of R&D, it was found that Grime Grinder™ always come out on top. As the strongest interior cleaner on the market! Removing built up grime, mud stains and loosening up upholstery and carpet soiling with minimal effort. 

With Interior Cleaner's strength, Pro Detailing background & 1000s of hours of ACTUAL R&D + thousands of happy 4WDers. You know 4WDetail products do what they say. 

Try Grime Grinder™ PRO Grade Interior Cleaner Today! 

4WDetail, the pioneers of New-age 4WD Care Technology. 


  • Obliterates Human Grime Build Up!
  • Lifts, Loosens & Softens Soil Marks with Citranex™ Technology
  • Natural Fresh Cut Orange Smell - Zero Scent Additives 
  • Temporary UV Protectant 
  • Residue Free Formula - No sticky mess!
  • ALL-IN-ONE Solution - No need for 10+ different interior products
  • Strongest Formula on the market for your post 4WD Adventure!
  • 100% Biodegradable Solution
  • Made, bottled, engineered & tested in QLD, Australia 
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