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Moonlight Stainless 4WD Performance

Toyota Landcruiser HDJ/HZJ 70 Series Air Box Kit

Toyota Landcruiser HDJ/HZJ 70 Series Air Box Kit

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If your order is not in stock, the approximate wait time is six to eight weeks from the date of your order.  If you would like to check for stock or the wait time, please get in touch with us.  
The Moonlight Landcruiser HDJ/HZJ 70 Series Air Box Kit is ready go.

Designed for the HDJ/HZJ 70 Series diesels & ready to connect to your 3" open mouth turbo, this kit is ready to deliver the air flow your engine needs.

For ease of fitting, we use the factory mounts & it can be used with or without a snorkel.

Our kit includes:
- Moonlight Air Box & Bracket
- Duramax 6.6L Paper Air Filter
- 250mm 4" Spiratube
- Moonlight Stainless Intake 4" with breather attachment
- 4" - 3" 90 degree Rubber Elbow
- Clamps

Approximate time to install - 1-2 hours
If you have any of the below scenarios, please ensure you add the additional items to your shopping cart.
*FTE Engine - If you have a ‘bolt on’ flange on your turbo, you will also require the FTE Bolt On Adapter.

Please ensure you add the required Connection Kit to your cart.
When connecting to a Moonlight or Factory Snorkel, there is no additional charge.

If you have any concerns about fitment, please don't hesitate to contact us at Moonlight.
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