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Moonlight Stainless 4WD Performance



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Cut your pinchweld to short? dont stress! we have plenty in stock at all times!

Choose from the different options for sizing, ensure to check in your kit what was supplied in MM and in QTY's, if you are unsure get intouch with us today and we can look up your order and help where we can!

Pinchweld rubber (also known as pinchweld rubber seal or pinchweld trim seal) is a specialized sealing component designed to provide a flexible and durable seal between vehicle panels, such as doors, windows, and hoods, and their corresponding frames. Here are some key points about pinchweld rubber seals:

  1. Function: Pinchweld rubber covers exposed edges, creating a smooth finish on surfaces and edges. It serves to:

    • Seal against water and dust.
    • Replace damaged trim on doors, windows, boats, caravans, and tractors.
    • Reduce noise and vibration.
  1. Installation:

    • Choose the right size of pinchweld seal.
    • Clean the surface.
    • Measure the required length and cut to fit.
    • Press the pinchweld seal onto the edge.
    • Regularly clean the seal to remove dirt or debris.
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