Collection: The 4WDetail Specialist

Justin, Founder of 4WDetail. 4W Detail was born from an unhealthy obsession with 4WDs, crossed with an impulse for perfection.

As a pioneer and now an authority in the 4WD care industry, Seeing a massive issue with the range and services available for 4WD specific care. They're not just cars and require a lot more attention as we expect a lot more out of them! Crossing water, salty beach washouts, mud... You get the point.

So, the normal wash and sprinkler hose underneath with water just isn't going to cut it! Don't get the 4WDetail team started on those drive through underbody washes (most using recycled water ie. salty water).

Starting out offering 4WD specific detailing & care services, Quickly realizing we couldn't keep up with the demand and volume of 4WDers needing underbody washes after coming off the beach!

Thats when they thought it was only fair to allow everyone to take care of their pride and joy by making our specialty tools and proprietary new tech, industry leading 4WD care chemicals available for everyone!